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Welcome Back to Term 2

by Tony Attridge -


Welcome back to Term 2!

If you joined our Easter School Holiday course, congratulations on tackling a significant portion of your units! This term should now be much more manageable.

For those who missed it, don't worry—we have another course prepared during the June/July holiday period, a fantastic chance to finish your course before Term 3. More details will be shared soon.

Don't forget, our Wednesday night Student Assistance/Tutorial sessions remain open for all students. Our trainers are available online to help you complete your course. Make the most of this opportunity and join us.

The College of Health and Fitness is here to support you in finishing your course. Whatever your question, take advantage of our Wednesday training, holiday sessions, chat function, or email for assistance.

Our goal is to make your learning experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Best regards,


Learn the Olympic Lifts

by Vivienne Abraham -




Learn the Olympic Lifts



We invite you to view the recording below for some great information and technique tips about Olympic Lifts from the Team at Eleiko. You can also find more information and resources for your strength journey on their website at, including a host of past webinars.

Watch Recording




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EASTER Course - 15 Places Remaining and Recap

by Tony Attridge -
Hi Everyone

Welcome to March 2024.

 A quick recap of things you should be aware of.

1. Our EASTER School Holiday course is filling up fast and only has 15 places left.
That is unless you wish to attend in person at North Lakes where there are 8 seats available still.

So, if you would like to complete your Certificate II in Sport and Recreation and the Certificate II in Sport Coaching theory and only have the practicals to worry about while at school, I would suggest you get in quick.

Once these places are taken you will be waiting for the June/July holiday option. The link to register is: Easter Holiday Course

This course will be starting on the Monday the 8th of April and concluding on Friday the 12th.

 2. I have just returned from an International Education Conference in Dubai where I am proud to announce that I was awarded The Outstanding Leadership Award in the Fields of Education and Training.

Now these awards are not achieved by one person alone hence I would also like to thank our amazing team at The College of Health and Fitness as well as my wife and family for their support and without them this award would not have been possible.

3. Please remember that we have our online BBB tutorials every Wednesday night for you to access with one of our incredible trainers who will be there to assist you in answering questions or covering topics that you are uncertain of. There is no need to book just jump online at the designated time and ask away. They will be only too happy to help.

4. The auto marking for short answers is still being worked on at the moment. So please submit and wait for a trainer to assess those answer before attempting a re-answer. If you notice that you have a multiple choice question or a matching question incorrect you may go in and have another attempt at those questions. It is just the questions where you are inputting your own answers that we are having some minor issues with at the moment. While waiting for these to be marked please move onto the next section and keep working away.

5. If you have not booked your school in for your First Aid course or Practical Assessments please do so as soon as you can so you may have a better chance at obtaining your preferred assessment date. To do so please call Penny at TCOHAF.

If you have any questions, please contact The College directly on 07 3385 0195.

Regards Tony
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